Software & mobile communication

Who we are

We are a team of committed, creative professionals who are passionated about mobile communication and software development. A large part of our energy we put into internet projects and startups.

What we do

SMS Services

We are here to help you with your SMS communications whether they are big or small. We can provide a way to get your bulk marketing or notification messages to mass of customers.

Mobile applications

Our team is engaged in development and creation of sophisticated mobile applications for Android and iOS, which are easy to use & super user friendly!

Internet projects & startups

Do you have an interesting idea for the online project? We are happy to help you with that and we can provide you technological facilities.

Our projects

Media & news

Contact us

Topefekt s.r.o.

TOPefekt s.r.o.

Headquarters: B. Nemcove 767/13, 787 01 Sumperk

Office: Hl. Trida 904/8, 787 01 Sumperk

Czech Republic

VAT: CZ29444268

Call: +420 581 110 998

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